Christmas Gifts For Older Women

gifts for older women

Christmas can be a real stress fest. It can be so stressful to find gifts for everyone. Some people are easier to buy for some people are impossible to buy for. Christmas gifts for older women can be a nightmare to find.

By a certain age you are able to pretty much buy whatever you want, thanks to years of working hard. You also have accumulated a good deal of stuff by a certain age so gifts are appreciated of course but it is nice to have something useful.

As We Age

Priorities shift as we age. There are different wants and desires as we grow older. Things that have more sentimental value are more cherished than things that have a high dollar value. There are other things that are also valued that are not quite tangible.

A spa day is a great idea as a gift of an older woman. A day to relax and be pampered is always a lovely way to spend a day when you do not have to pay for it, it makes the gift all the more sweeter. Even something as simple as a gift certificate to something like a manicure or a pedicure is also a lovely gift.


Older women appreciate gifts that come from the heart. A great gift idea is a scrap book. You can buy the materials online and than spend a few hours making a book of memories. You can gather pictures from friends and family members.

Of course this is a very personal gift and it may not be appropriate if you do not have an intimate relationship with the person.

Photo Albums

Photo albums and frames are also a lovely gift. Depending on the women you can buy frames that are made of silver or some other valuable material.

A great idea is a digital frame. Digital frames can hold thousands of pictures from an SD memory card. This is a great way for the women in your life to show off their family and friends. They make digital frames that are easy to use and that look really handsome sitting on a desk.


No woman refuses jewelry! No matter the age you can always find a nice piece of jewelry that will be appreciated. You can purchase earrings, a nice necklace or a simple pin. There are thousands of very affordable options.

For an intimate relationship like mom, grandmother or an aunt you can have the piece customized by being engraved with a short message (rings are perfect for this). You can also think about a locket with pictures of children or grandchildren.

Gift Certificates

You can never go wrong with gift certificates! You can buy gift certificates for just about any establishment or service. A lot of people shy away from this option because it seems a bit impersonal. The reality is they are appreciated. Women develop their own tastes which can make it difficult to choose a gift that will be used. If you hand over a generous gift certificate than the recipient can get a gift that they really want!