Good Gifts For Women Over 40

Gifts for Women Over 40.

Let’s stop for just a minute and classify “women over 40.” At the risk of stereotyping, what are some common characteristics of this group? While not all women will fit into this set of characteristics, it will get you closer to coming up with some good gift ideas. Women over 40 generally have a family, their children are older. This trend seems to be changing, though, as more women are choosing to have children later in life. Many are mothers, wives and career women. This group is usually settled in career, family and life in general. These women know what they want out of life, how to get it and are well on their way to making it happen. Here are some ideas for gifts for older women in some of the identified

Career Woman over 40
She has a career; she is on the move. She like organization and is probably well acquainted with stress. Some great gift ideas for her might include a day at a spa, some sessions with a massage therapist or a manicure/pedicure. Other options may include an electronic day planner, a briefcase or laptop bag. Think simple, what things will simplify her life?

Mom over 40
The over 40 mom has her hands full. She may be juggling a career as well as a family and with current trends being as they are, she may have very young children. The focus here would be anti stress gift ideas and organization ideas. However, this might be a good time to get personal. She is being pulled in one direction by her family and in another by her career. Where is the time just for her? Perfume, bath sets and chocolate covered strawberries are very personal gifts that can whisk her away from the corporate world (not that she doesn’t love her career!) and from “Mommyland” (not that she doesn’t love her kids!) and bring her back to herself.

Stay at Home Mom over 40
The stay at home mom has some pretty specific needs that can be capitalized upon for great gift ideas. The woman over 40 who is a stay at home mom is probably longing for some adult activities, or at least adult conversation! Great gift ideas here include baby sitting, a night out or even just taking her to lunch (sans the kids). Spa days are also good, but getting her out of the house and in touch with other adults is sure to score major points. Also, depending on the age of the kids, taking the kids overnight so she can get some much needed sleep would also be a very good gift.

Single Woman over 40
Ah, the single life! She may seem like she has everything, after all, she has no one else to buy for but herself, but there are still some great gift ideas. Women over 40 who are single like many of the same things that women everywhere like. Facials, tickets to social events and jewelry are great ideas. If she likes gadgets, give her an electronic photo keychain or wallet so that she can carry family photos with her. If she enjoys fixing up her home, a gift card to a home improvement store would probably be a great score. Aromatherapy is also always a great gift. Give her an infuser with a nice, mellow scent.

Married Woman over 40
She is over 40; she is married. Chocolate truffles or other decadent treats are great gifts (unless she is watching her waistline). A gym membership or a spa day are also great gift ideas. The key is to think “individual” when considering gift ideas. Women over 40 who are married often tend to have at least some part of their identity tied up in their husband. Giving them a gift that is very personal, separates them from everyone else and is very special.

And you do want that special lady in your life to feel special right?